The Philanthropist’s Mind

Photograph: Jorge Saggiante

What Are the Motivations That Drive People to Donate Money to Charities?

I ask myself this question , after reading about Jorge Saggiante who has donated millions of dollars towards the organization of the World Chess Championship in Mexico.

Of course, I can understand some of the motivations, since I work closely with members of the US Chess Trust, who contribute generously by donating much needed funds, time and energy to this organization’s mission.

The same concept applies to all the Donors of the US Chess Trust.

The dictionary gives the following definition to the word philanthropy:

Etymology: Late Latin philanthropia, from Greek philanthropia, from philanthropos loving people, from phil- + anthrOpos human being:

  1. goodwill to fellowmen ; especially : active effort to promote human welfare
  2. a)  a philanthropic act or gift b)  an organization distributing or supported by philanthropic funds

Jorge Saggiante is the President of the Organizing Committee of the World Chess Championship in Mexico 2007.

Tournaments are dedicated to Jorge Saggiante to honor his continuous efforts to promote and support chess in Mexico, especially for the youth.

These efforts seem to have rendered great results as it is evident that chess in Mexico is going through a period of increasing prosperity.

Intelligent people seem to realize that by the end of our journey in life, what is left here are family, friends and our legacies as human beings.

Being a philanthropist is a way to thank life for our achievements and happiness by helping others.

If you are a philanthropist it will be great to send us an email , sharing your views and comments with all of us.

After all, quality in life is found in learning, sharing, and giving.

I will take this time to thank all of the US Chess Trust Donors, who through their generous contributions help make a difference in a young chess players life !

Thank you, we greatly appreciate all that you do to help support the US Chess Trust mission !

In this photograph, Jorge Saggiante, smiles, while a young player receives a laptop he received as a prize in a chess tournament.

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