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16 Jan

2013 Tata Steel – Day 4 Featured Games

2013 Tata Steel, Day 4, Replay Select Games Nakamura, Hikaru vs. Karjakin, Sergey Aronian, Levon vs. Anand, Viswanathan Carlsen, Magnus vs. Harikrishna, Pentala Wang, Hao vs. Hou, Yifan

15 Jan

2013 Tata Steel – Day 3 Featured Games

2013 Tata Steel, Day 3, Replay Select Games Hou, Yifan vs. L’Ami, Erwin Leko, Peter vs. Nakamura, Hikaru Anand, Viswanathan vs. Caruana, Fabiano

14 Jan

2013 Tata Steel – Day 2 Featured Games

2013 Tata Steel, Day 2, Replay Select Games Aronian, Levon vs. Carlsen, Magnus Nakamura, Hikaru vs. Sokolov, Ivan Giri, Anish vs. Anand, Viswanathan

13 Jan

The 2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament

The 2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament Information The Tata Steel Chess Tournament has three main tournaments. They are played according to the ’round robin’ system, whereby each competitor plays in turn against every other during the tournament. All three Grandmaster ...

27 Dec

5th Annual Schein – Friedman Awards Announced!

By Mark Schein and Aviv Friedman December 27, 2012 Once again the Schein – Friedman Scholastic Recognition Project (with the help of the American Chess Academy) is happy to announce its annual scholarships recipients! First, words of thanks to all ...

08 Sep

The Chess Files

The answers are out there. By Jim Eade The Chess Olympiads (the world’s most prestigious team tournament) is going on this month in Istanbul. One of the most improbable participants is a teen aged girl from Katwe, one of the ...

05 Sep

Chess Olympiad Round 7 After taking a short break with the previous round, the team of Russia has returned to the winning paths in the 7th round of the Chess Olympiad Open section. Russia and Azerbaijan signed three draws before the time control, but Alexander ...

04 Sep

Chess Olympiad round 6 The 6th round of the 40th Chess Olympiad was a showcase of classic monster matches. When Godzilla and King Kong fight you don’t get in the way. You step back and watch the destruction hoping you don’t become collateral ...

01 Sep

Chess Olympiad Round 4 In the 4th round of the World Chess Olympiad the teams of USA and India were paired to play on the first table. Just before the time control India’s leader Krishnan Sasikiran became entangled in the net of Hikaru ...

31 Jul

In Conversation with IM Marc Arnold by FIDE VP Beatriz Marinello

  Beatriz Marinello:  It has been an amazing summer for you! Congratulations on winning the US Junior Invitational for the second time and earning a Grandmaster norm at the World Open in Philadelphia. You are only 19 years old.  What ...

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