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15 Sep

2012 (53rd Annual) US Armed Forces Open Chess Championship

Open to all Active Duty, Reservists, Military Retirees, Cadets, Midshipmen, and ROTC who have a USCF Membership. October 6-8, 2012 A 6 Round Swiss System Chess Tournament. Free! No Entry fee. The U.S. Navy & the USCF’s Military Chess Committee ...

Conrad Holt Photo Courtesy of the Saint Louis Chess Club
12 Sep

2012 FIDE General Assembly: GM and IM Titles Awarded

The following American chess players received FIDE titles at the Sept. 7-9, 2012 FIDE General Assembly. Congratulations to the following chess players for their Grandmaster titles! Mark Arnold Conrad Holt Enrico Sevillano Here is a game from the 2012 U.S. ...

2012 Chess Olympiad Closing Ceremony GataKamsky (USA) Photo by David Llada ©
10 Sep

2012 Chess Olympiad Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the 40-th Chess Olympiad which took part in Istanbul, took place on September 9 in the hall of the WOW Hotel, the place that became a warm and friendly house for many participants. It is true that such ...

Alexandra Kosteniuk 2012 Chess Olympiad Photo by David Llada ©
09 Sep

Russia and Armenia Win the 2012 Chess Olympiad In the last round of the 40th World Chess Olympiad Armenia was matched against Hungary. Levon Aronian secured a perpetual against Peter Leko, and the other games continued. After the time control Gabriel Sargissian drew the rook endgame against ...

08 Sep

World Chess Olympiad – Round 10 Report

From Chess Olympiad Official Website: The Open Section will see an exciting finish as three teams are entering the final round with equal points – China, Armenia and Russia (sorted according to tie-break score). China’s top striker Ding Liren nicely ...

Beatriz Marinello FIDE Vice President and U.S. Chess Trust Trustee at the 2012 FIDE Gerneral Assembly
07 Sep

FIDE General Assembly FIDE General Assembly is being held from 7th to 9th September at the Istanbul Polat Renaissance Hotel. On the first day the Assembly approved the new FIDE Statutes with a vast voting majority. Andrew Paulson, the founder and director ...

2012 Chess Olympiad Rd9 by David Llada ©
07 Sep

Chess Olympiad Round 9 Russia’s big advantage in the Open section melted in one day as they went down against USA, allowing three other teams to catch up on the shared first place. Alex Onischuk and Sergey Karjakin made a relatively quick draw ...

2012 Chess Olympiad Rd8 by Arman Karakhanyan ©
06 Sep

Chess Olympiad Round 8 Russia made a huge step in their quest for the first gold medal since 2002 as they beat the defending champion and one of the main rivals – the team of Ukraine. Sergey Karjakin woke up in the perfect ...

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 7 by Arman Karakhanyan ©
05 Sep

Chess Olympiad Round 7 After taking a short break with the previous round, the team of Russia has returned to the winning paths in the 7th round of the Chess Olympiad Open section. Russia and Azerbaijan signed three draws before the time control, but Alexander ...

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 6 by Arman Karakhayan ©
04 Sep

Chess Olympiad round 6 The 6th round of the 40th Chess Olympiad was a showcase of classic monster matches. When Godzilla and King Kong fight you don’t get in the way. You step back and watch the destruction hoping you don’t become collateral ...

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